Makor Solutions announces new loose and harvested part tracking functions to help ITAD, Resellers and Refurbishers capitalize on this revenue producing giant!

In working with a number of ITAD, Resellers and Refurbishers across the globe, Makor Solutions has been shown time and time again just how much revenue potential lies within the most difficult to track types of inventory:  loose and harvested parts .

Until now, parts that were purchased or harvested have been very difficult to track productively.  Not knowing which parts came from which customers and how much was paid for each unit in and out the door made both order and overall company profitability difficult to assess.

Not automatically tracking the origin of parts also creates tremendous manual overhead when offering revenue share for this type of inventory.

In today’s market if you can properly manage the flow of loose and harvested parts into and out of inventory, your bottom line can grow considerably.  But how?

With our latest update to the already robust Makor ERP, our customers are now able to easily:

  • Gain full visibility into parts inventory. Know where parts came from, how much you paid for it and who you sold it to and for how much.
  • Understand parts profitability across the board – which parts are most profitable – and why.
  • Win big deals by offering your customers consignment revenue share on all parts, including parts harvested from scrapped equipment. Let them see what has been harvested, what’s been sold, and what’s left to sell.
  • Buy and sell your parts with ease by allowing the system to do the heavy lifting of tracking individual parts cost and profit. Automated cost assignment based on SLA with customer and automated resale revenue allocation using FIFO algorithm.
  • Include all part harvested and sold in overall job profitability analysis.
  • Incentivize inbound material flow with part value recovery programs.
  • Properly commission sales staff for part activity purchased and sold.

Come speak to us at the Electronics Reuse 2017 show in New Orleans, or schedule a demo via to see how much we can do for your bottom line with proper part management!