Data security is serious business with a lot at stake.  How can you be sure to provide the highest level of data security services, while maintaining processing volume, maximizing profits and adhering to NAID, R2 and e-Stewards compliance?

To address this, Makor Solutions has performed integration with some of best known data erasure vendors around the world to achieve “Best of Class” Data Security processes within the Makor ERP (see more in Josh Feldman’s new eBook “Best Practices in ITAD: Data Security Services).  The results of this successful integration has created a demand from many other vendors that are looking to integrate their products into the Makor ERP platform. In order to simplify the integration process for  bios/data erasure vendors, Makor has released a new Data Security API.  This is a streamlined and simplified multi-layered API that supports the full array of discovery, erasure and imaging.

What does this mean for ITAD, eWaste and Resellers?

For ITAD, eWaste and resellers, this expanded integration means they will be able to benefit from the processing efficiencies, advanced security and data accuracy this integration provides with the flexibility of choosing the preferred vendor for data security.

“Makor ERP’s tight integration with BIOS/Data Erasure tools is hugely important for a data security requirements. The auto-populating of data greatly increases the rate at which data bearing assets can be processed. The security and accuracy gains are immeasurable.”
Amanda Shepherd,  Sage Sustainable Electronics – Reno Facility Manager

At Makor Solutions, we have been helping customers implement our flagship Makor ERP system, built specifically for ITAD, Resale and eWaste to integrate their data security process connected to the rest of their operation to deliver results and advance business goals.  If you’d like to discuss any topics within, get connected to companies in your space who have done this well, or explore how the Makor ERP could help you, please reach out to us at Makor Solutions.