Automatic Reporting Ensures e-Stewards Compliance 

We’ve made it easier and faster to stay complaint with e-Stewards® standards for responsible recycling and reuse of electronic equipment by adding another automatic report to our platform. Now, all customers using the Makor platform receive reports that are automatically generated to ensure compliance.

The new report is a declaration of testing, determination of full functionality and reuse destination of exported used electronic equipment and components required by e-Stewards.

Report Details

The report provides contact information on the equipment holder who arranges the trans boundary movement (and is responsible for testing), the company responsible for evidence of functionality, the international carrier, the importer, and the user, retailer or distributor (if different than the importer).

Reporting includes:

  • Control exports and imports destined for recycling and/or final disposal
  • Control exports and imports for reuse
  • Verify legal imports
  • Maintain records of notifications and consent

At Makor, we understand that you have many regulations that you are required to comply with, and we are doing our part to support your compliance efforts with value-added services.

What Automatic Reporting Means For You

  • Automated documentation for e-Stewards compliance
  • Saves time by replacing manual reporting
  • More efficient to comply to standards via an automated method
  • Automated form is generated for each and every order that is placed
  • Protection in case of an audit by providing proof of compliance
  • No additional costs

Makor understands the challenges our customers face, and we are constantly improving our process to better serve you. If you’d like to find out other ways we can make your life easier, please contact us.