Urban Mining Increased Inventory Sales 600% with Full Omni-Channel Integration!

Increased Inventory Sales

Full-Time Positions Replaced (Reduced Labor Cost)

Data Entry Errors Eliminated


Urban Mining is a technology company that provides innovative solutions for the management of end-of-life electronics and the recycling of e-waste in a manner that promotes the stewardship of the environment. They’re using technology, and a smarter approach to reduce costs and deliver value far beyond traditional recycling. Their solutions cover the full range of IT asset management and disposition, DoD compliant data destruction, resale of assets with marketable value and the complete teardown of old electronics.


The majority of feed stock received by Urban Mining is refurbished for resale.   In order to sell this inventory and maximize value, Urban Mining needed to expand Omni-Channel sales to more than seven different platforms; traditional and non-traditional. However, this meant manually posting every asset to all platforms and continually adjusting inventory for each as well as reconciling inventory changes in their current system.   Manual efforts were also required to insure proper inventory and tracking of client rebates.   The number of orders and entries required Urban Mining to hire offshore labor to manually enter these orders and adjust inventory each day. Manual processes were also used after items sold to generate fulfillment instructions, create shipping labels, and send out emails with tracking information.  This was all costly, time consuming and prone to errors. Tracking individual items for customer support and selling out-of-stock items was becoming a real problem and risked effecting Urban Mining’s outstanding reputation for customer service and responsiveness. Urban Mining needed an automated solution to manage Omni-channel sales that could scale as the number of transactions increased with a growing supply of refurbished assets and an increasing number of supported platforms.


Urban Mining was already using Makor ERP™ for its advanced customer and warehouse management capabilities. The decision was made to also utilize the Makor ERP Omni-Channel Connector which integrates and manages real-time inventory and allows ITAD and re-seller companies to build a connection and automate post sales activities across multiple e-commerce sites. By connecting inventory within the Makor ERP to multiple channels in this fashion, they were able to quickly post on multiple channels, maintain real-time inventory and automate the process of receiving, recording and processing an order. The need for manual data entry and inventory adjustments for out of stock items was eliminated along with errors in data entry, insuring accurate recording of sales prices, shipping charges and the proper handling of re-marketing credits.


By using the Makor ERP Omni-Channel Connector, automating selling, shipping, billing and inventory management across e-commerce sites and their retail store, Urban Mining was able to support monthly increases of more than 600% in Omni-channel sales.

“We have been able to connect Makor ERP to all our systems and processes, including, e-commerce, shipping and inventory management. Once we implemented the technology, we were able to manage the sale of over 5,000 items a month across 6 different platforms; with fewer than .05% returns & customer issues,” stated Steven Kaufman, CEO, Urban Mining. “We were able to eliminate manual data entry and our need for outsourced labor” he explained. “We have reduced data entry errors by over 95% and no longer have to deal with duplicate or missing items which caused problems when trying to fulfill customer orders.”

“Overall, we are extremely satisfied with Makor ERP and their commitment to developing solutions that can help grow our business and reduce our costs.” concluded Mr. Kaufman.

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